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Electron Beam System
        MB10-8/635 System
  In-feed Conveyor
    Transports products to the servo1 conveyor in the shelter at a constant speed of 18m/min.
  Servo1 Conveyor
    Maintains constant space between products on UBC as it is operated at the proportional
    speed of UBC.
  UBC (Under Beam Conveyor)
    Named as UBC as it is located under the beam conveyor. As for the precision of input speed,
    the maximum variation of all speed is less than 1.6%. UBC: 0~5m/min free control
  Out-feed Conveyor
    Transports products to the outside after radiating electron beam on them at the same speed
    of an in-feed conveyor.
  Specifications of Electron Beam Accelerator
Model No. MB10-8/635 Beam Energy 10MeV
Beam Power 8kW Beaming Width Max. 60cm
Beaming Direction Vertical downward Reproducibility Less than 5% in
coefficient of variation
Dose Uniformity Less than ±5% Shipping Conditions Conveyor
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