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CEO's Message
We, Seoul Radiology Service, were founded in 1995 with personal radiation measurement as our key business for the purpose of protecting those invol-ved in radiation works from any possible dangers.

In order to play the pioneering roles in the radioactive technology field and to do our social responsibilities, we adopted honesty and quality as our best values and we have been doing our best until our customers are satisfied with our quality, price, and delivery.

As a leading company of the local radioactive measurement business, we have obtained many patents including the patent of 3-element thermal luminescence dosimeter. And through the certification of Inno-Biz, we have prepared the foundation for a technical innovative company.

We have constructed the integrated customer supporting system, introduced the measuring system for the next generation, and obtained ISO certification, and in order to offer the service of high quality that customers can be satisfied with, we are practicing continuous improvement.

Radiation can be a poison or a medicine to mankind, depending on the pur-pose of its use.
Believing that radiation will play the roles of a reliable tool in mankind's enjoying more affluent and healthy life, we are taking the initiative in the local use of radiation.
The large-scaled electronic beam app-lication fac-ility, which was completely built up at Eumseong-gun, Chungbuk in 2008, is the actual outcome that our dream has come true.
It is expected to create continuous benefits to mankind and environment beyond the safe use of radiation, such as reforming semiconductors and high molecular substances, and sterilizing medical instruments and sanitary goods.

All the executives and staff of Seoul Radiology Service feel thankful for all the customers who have believed in us and been together with us, and with the pride that Seoul Radiology Service is the top-ranking company in the field of radiation, we will continuously strive to meet with customers needs and to do our social responsibilities to the full.

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